Kurling For Kids expands its reach to Sherbrooke

Kurling For Kids expands its reach to Sherbrooke



November 25th, 2019 —SHERBROOKE, QC – Kurling for Kids (K4K) is pleased to announce a new partnership with two organizations in the Sherbrooke area. New additions to the K4K family include the Sherbrooke Curling Club and the Fondation du Centre hospitalier universitaire de Sherbrooke (CHUS). The partnership comes at a time where Kurling for Kids has made the decision to expand its fundraising efforts outside the Montreal area, and into other regions in which it can contribute to buying medical equipment for children’s hospitals in other cities, province-wide.

“It is with great pride that the Sherbrooke Curling Club joins the Kurling For Kids family along with the Fondation du CHUS in striving to help heal the most precious and vulnerable members of our community, our children,” said Dwayne Fowler, President at the Estrie Regional Curling Association and organizer at the Sherbrooke Curling Club. “The Sherbrooke Curling Club is honored to be the first curling centre in the Estrie region to become a member club of Kurling For Kids, as the charitable organization expands beyond the Montreal region. The Fondation du CHUS and its affiliated hospitals are the health care pillars of our community, so we are extremely appreciative that they will be the beneficiaries of our fundraising efforts”.


“The Fondation du CHUS is privileged to be able to count on generous partners who, on a daily basis, make a difference in the health care of its patients. The Fondation du CHUS is also very pleased to have been chosen by Kurling for Kids as a beneficiary of their fundraiser, which will be held March 28, 2020 at the Sherbrooke Curling Club,” said Martin Clermont, Managing Director at the Fondation du CHUS, “All the funds raised during this event will be used to purchase equipment for the pediatrics, maternity and neonatology departments at the Fleurimont Hospital of CIUSSS in Estrie – CHUS.”


“Kurling for Kids is extremely excited to start this new chapter within our organization and are very grateful to have a great team at the Sherbrooke Curling Club to lead us into new territory in the Estrie region,” said Stan Fong, Director at Kurling for Kids. “We are very happy to be able to partner with the Fondation du CHUS with the goal of raising money for much needed equipment within its pediatric, maternity and neonatal departments, and help to heal sick children in the region.  This is a very important first step that Kurling for Kids is taking to become a province-wide, and ultimately a nation-wide, curling fundraiser on behalf of children’s hospitals, first across Quebec, and then Canada.”

Curlers and non-curlers of all ages are invited to sign up to play at the Sherbrooke curling event, by registering on its event page through the Kurling for Kids website. For those wishing to contribute to Sherbrooke Curling Club’s financial objective, or to sponsor a team or participant, they can do so as well, through the same site.


About K4K

Kurling for Kids  is a registered charity operated 100% by volunteers dedicated to improving the lives of children and their families through children’s hospitals. We strive to raise funds to allow hospitals to provide leading edge medical treatments, programs and equipment for children. Over the years, their track record of over $3,7M raised speaks for itself. Indeed, Kurling for Kids today is highly regarded as one of Montreal’s most successful fund-raising organizations.

About the Fondation du CHUS

The Fondation du CHUS, a non-profit and independent philanthropic organization, acts as a privileged partner in the advancement and development of the Fleurimont Hospital, the Hôtel-Dieu de Sherbrooke and the CHUS Research Center. Its mission is to contribute to the continuous improvement of health care and services offered to the population, from birth to the end of life, by supporting equipment acquisition, research, prevention and training projects, and humanization of care.

The Fondation du CHUS relies on the collaboration of the entire community to achieve its mission. In this sense, any fundraising initiative from the general public that contributes to making a difference in the daily lives of patients is strongly encouraged and appreciated.

About the Sherbrooke Curling Club

The Sherbrooke Curling Club is a three-sheet curling facility located in the heart of downtown Sherbrooke. Established in 1880, the Sherbrooke Curling Club is the third oldest curling club in the province of Quebec (behind only the Royal Montreal Curling Club founded in 1807 and the Trois-Rivières Curling Club in 1875) and is the second oldest sports club in Sherbrooke. The club’s membership of 250 curlers is the largest of the ten curling clubs located in the Estrie region.

For more information, or for an interview, please contact:

Christine Tourigny
Director of Communications
Kurling for Kids
(514) 743-9048
[email protected]

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